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       James Gretsch
              Creative Director
          Master Puppet Builder

            Tampa, Florida USA

Puppets for sale at a price you can afford!

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Custom Puppets Price quote

What kind of puppet do you need?.....human, animal, creature, object, or other kind? Do you need full body or half body? What will your puppet wear? Lots of questions to be answered so... please fill out the order form, giving as many details about your custom character.
We'll be happy to provide you with a price quote to build it.

How much do the puppets cost?......Prices start at just $289.00 for a half body, basic, human "mini me" like puppet. This price includes the movable mouth puppet, basic costume (t-shirt) and arm rod controls. Need a full body puppet...add $199.00. This is a starting price as we evaluate each order on a puppet by puppet basis. 
​The complexity of the character/person and costuming requirements will ultimately determine the cost of your puppet.

How long does it take to make one?.... Generally we need 4-6 weeks for the completion of one of our custom made puppet designs.

Exclusive rights to the puppet character after we build it?
Contact us and we can discuss the details!