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Custom Made Puppets 2022
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"Han Solo". Based on Star Wars "ANH". Completely custom made. Original one of a kind!
​​Professionally made hand and rod style. The puppet stands around 36" tall. Constructed out of high quality materials including 1/2" polyfoam, dyed muppet fleece, wire under layments in the fingers for posable gestures. 
Arm rods and full body puppet stand included with the purchase of the puppet!
(this puppet is not for children)
Shipping only available within continental United States!

Great Affordable custom made puppets!

Salicious B. Crumb puppet. Star Wars inspired.
Original one of a kind. This is the only one that exists!
Professionally made hand and rod style puppet.
Full body puppet construction with duel arm rod controls.
Constructed with high quality materials, including 1/2" polyfoam and dyed antron fleece. 
Wire under layments in hands and feet allow for posable gestering.
Full body puppet stand is included with the puppet!
​Shipping only available in North America!
(Not for children.)