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Our puppets are constructed of high-quality materials, such as polyfoam, hand and machine-sewn antron "Muppet"®fleece, and or furs. They weigh about a pound and stand around 24" tall. Full body puppets stand @36". We also create custom made costumes to meet each character’s design needs.
 Every puppet features a comfortable fitting mouth control plate that will ensure a snug fit of your hand and the control of the puppets head and mouth! High-tempered, steel arm rods in the hands, and wire underlayments in the fingers, (allowing for pose-able hand and finger gestures.) Practical hand manipulation (your hand inside a fabric sleeve to control the puppets hand and arm) is also available.    

      You can
ORDERa puppet by filling out a list of the characteristics you'd like your puppet to have.  Human, animal, creature, object or other... we can build a great looking well performing puppet to suit your needs.  
These are professionally built, fun
"Muppet®-like" puppets

Go Ahead !
Get a puppet today and have fun!
I guarantee you won't be disappointed!     

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Puppet samples of custom characters built for customers.

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​Custom made puppets

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Custom Made puppets