Custom Made puppets

​Puppet building 2023

puppeteers building custom made hand puppets 

​ ​Custom Puppet Builder 2024 specializes in creating professional, custom made "Muppet style" hand and rod puppets.
We are based in the Tampa bay, Florida area and have been designing and building puppets since 1998.


Whether you need a human, animal, creature, object or other type of puppet, we dedicate ourselves to creating affordable, great looking, one of a kind puppets that make you say "Wow"!  Our passion for creative vison, commitment to quality and attention to detail, make up the foundation of our successful company!


We're puppeteers too! Our puppets are built for performance!  We know how to build the puppets so that they "come to life" while performing with them. We build our puppets out of high-quality, non-toxic,  materials to ensure easy, safe and durable puppeteering with great movement and awesome character portrayals.


Searching the web, you can find a lot of cheap puppets. Believe me...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! These "cheap" puppets are low quality, mass produced and all look alike.... Yuck!!!
Why spend all of your time and hard work putting a show together to only perform with some cheap puppets that lack charm, personality and character.


We pay close attention to the hand made aspects of puppet building.
​This puts above many of
the other companies out there!